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Reverse Umbrellas Traditional Design

Nov 06, 2017

Reverse umbrella: Subversion of the traditional design, Reverse Umbrellas to reverse the parachute, the market to collect, safe to reach the destination, no longer need to worry about raindrops fell on the body. In addition, the following breakthroughs have been made:

First, the skeleton exposes the technology: the Human Body Engineering mechanics and the support mechanics very well unifies together, causes the umbrella frame to be able to relax freely.

Second, the node umbrella bone technology: Reduce the parachute contraction of the umbrella rack wear, increased the use of umbrellas

Third, the real liberation of hands: Even if the umbrella can hold a heavy weight, Reverse Umbrellas play with the mobile phone.

Four, the design of the Tuyere: air leakage treatment in the inner layer, really let the umbrella wind resistance is stronger.

1. Chameleon: This fabric is a popular fabric that has been used by many brands in the last two years. In the customer's knowledge of new fabrics less, some manufacturers also use the customer's lack of expertise, this is the practice of black-hearted manufacturers, the famous manufacturers of fabrics will be UV-resistant treatment. Reverse Umbrellas The actual material of this kind of fabric is nylon! Surprise, how strong is Nylon's sunscreen? Its fabric is through the textile technology to achieve both sides of the color of different colors, which add a different color of the bright silk, the umbrella of the reflective effect of rotation, it is because of such a special technology, this allows a lot of manufacturers to drill the loophole, two, Reverse Umbrellas This is nonsense! The inner temperature is about 3-5 degrees lower than the temperature outside the parachute!, such an umbrella generally thirty or forty yuan, Reverse Umbrellas there will still be many customers believe them, so debunk Liar's lie: First, the umbrella is just a small shed the same thing on top of your head, inside the umbrella and outside the umbrella is connected, when you are playing the sun umbrella is still moving in different, Your umbrella temperature is always lower than the outside temperature 3-5 degrees Two, really have such a magical umbrella, Reverse Umbrellas just sell such a little money, Reverse Umbrellas shoppers will ask themselves is false bar. The umbrella fabric is nylon! 3, lace: The last two years, the lace umbrella popular, there are many such umbrellas, above a beautiful lace, the lower light of the lining, open really good-looking, will win a lot of female friends love, lace anti-ultraviolet function, want to prevent UV depends on the bottom of this layer of umbrella, Reverse Umbrellas now many brands are nylon lining, The workmanship of fabric is really very beautiful, such kind of umbrella calculates the handicraft, the high price corresponds to is the style and the design, but not necessarily is the sunscreen index OH.