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Gift Umbrellas Distinguish The Quality Of Good Or Bad

Nov 02, 2017

Gift umbrella gift as a gift to customers, as a carrier with a large mobile, colorful and good visual effects, pattern design is not restricted, the structure can be arbitrarily selected and beautiful and durable, high quality and other advantages of a variety of benefits, Of an important form.

Value of action

Gift umbrella as a modern brand new advertising vehicles and advertising gifts, mobility, colorful and good visual effects, the design is unrestricted, the structure can be arbitrarily selected and beautiful and durable, high quality and other advantages of a variety of advantages, become An important form of corporate advertising. Therefore, the gift umbrella customization for corporate promotional gifts of choice.

Gift umbrella benefits:

1, the advertising effect is good: where the umbrella, advertising on where the advertising spread, not afraid to attract the eye, and not only rain to use umbrella, sunny days to use umbrella, all-weather advertising.

2, low input costs: umbrella with its own low cost, a beautiful gift umbrella only 20-30 yuan, business or customers can generally use more than a year. 3, practical strong: shelter shelter, sun shade, whether it is the city or farm, adult or child, have to use umbrella, is a must travel home travel.

4, advertising a long time: gift umbrella long life! Unless the bad or scrapped, gift umbrella advertising role was invalid.

5, beautiful appearance: umbrella cloth bright colors, exquisite design patterns, and even can be cute works of art.

Choose a gift umbrella to advertise, it is quite with the choice of the most inexpensive advertising means, so become the major corporate customers festive gifts, corporate conference gifts, the company opened gifts, advertising promotions a great choice.

Gift umbrella fabric is very diversified, mainly sardine cloth, silver tape, pearl tape, pearl cloth, plain cloth, fat thin silk and other fabrics. The most common of several kinds of umbrella fabric on the base cloth clothing called "Polyester spinning", "Chun Yafang". "Polyester Spinning" after waterproof coating treatment, generally on the PVC glue, it becomes a waterproof fabric, and extended into the umbrella industry, "polyester cloth" (only coating), "printed cloth" (after coating printing and dyeing Lattice lines), "pearl cloth" (coating + pearl powder), "silver tape" (coated + silver plastic). "Chun Yafang" after the end of the cloth to do the umbrella industry has become a "woven weaving", "touch woven" and so on.

How to distinguish the quality of the gift umbrella is good or bad

Gift umbrella quality is mainly depends on the density of the base fabric, the general umbrella industry to do the ordinary is 170T, a good point with the 190T, and now high-grade thin fabric is also useful 210T, 300T.

Select the umbrella surface, the fabric is obviously sparse umbrella quality is generally poor, the fabric due to the characteristics of shrinking, umbrella gift should be large should not be small.