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Gift Umbrellas Advertising Benefits

Nov 06, 2017

1, the advertisement effect is good: where the umbrella takes, Gift Umbrellas the advertisement goes, the gift umbrella advertisement spreads the face big, is not afraid not to attract the eyeball, moreover not only the rainy day must use the umbrella, the sunny day also must use the umbrella, the advertisement benefit.

2, low input cost: harness own cost is low, Gift Umbrellas a beautiful gift umbrella only needs about 20-30 yuan, enterprises or customers can generally use more than one year.

3, Practical strong: Shelter from the wind, sun visor, Gift Umbrellas whether the city is still a farm, adults are still children, all need to use umbrellas, is a home travel necessities.

4. Long advertising time: The service life of the gift umbrella is long! The advertising effect of the gift umbrella is not valid until it is broken or voided.

5. Beautiful appearance: The color of the umbrella cloth is bright, Gift Umbrellas the design is exquisite, even can be a person to see the art of love.

The material of the gift umbrella cloth

Gift umbrella fabric is very diverse, mainly Shadimbu, silver tape, Pearl blanket, Zhuguangbu, plain cloth, fat thin silk and other fabrics. The most common kinds of umbrella fabric of the bottom cloth clothing called "polyester nes", "Spring Asian Textile". "Polyester nes" after the waterproof coating treatment, is generally PVC glue, Gift Umbrellas becomes the waterproof fabric, extends into the umbrella profession "the polyester silk cloth" (only coating), "The Printing Mesh" (after the coating printing and dyeing lattice line), "The Pearly Cloth" (coating + pearly powder), "The Silver Adhesive tape" (Coating + the silver glue). "Spring-ya-spinning" of the bottom cloth to make the coating after the umbrella occupation of "touch weaving", "touch the Glue" and so on.

1. Nylon Cloth (Nylon):

1940 was created in the United Kingdom, attributed to an oil by-product man-made fiber, Gift Umbrellas cloth lighter than fine, soft, the appearance of reflective expansion and contraction can be general, but also widely used in umbrellas, the price is more expensive than polyester, Gift Umbrellas applicable to the straight pole umbrella or umbrella. Nylon is also an umbrella fabric of a kind, the poncho color beautiful, touch in the hands of the feeling like silk, with the hand rub back and forth, resistance is very small.

2. PG Cloth:

Attributed to man-made fiber, texture is softer, fabric is not easy to reflect, feel like the general clothing, there will be a plastic luster. PG cloth also known as spraying cloth, Gift Umbrellas high-density hit cloth is a new type of cloth. PG has the following characteristics: Matt color, dark color. Cloth feel like cotton cloth, light resistance is better, pg cloth cost contrast high, but anti-ultraviolet function, Gift Umbrellas the quality of stability, color levels are compared with ambition, is a good contrast umbrella cloth, general PG cloth only used in senior umbrella.

3. Polyester cloth (Polyester):

For the plastic as raw material of man-made fiber, texture is hard, on-canvas reflective strong, plastic feeling heavier, and PG Cloth series similar, price than PG cloth cheaper. Gift Umbrellas The characteristic of polyester cloth is: The color is more beautiful, put the umbrella cloth on the hand rub, the crease is remarkable, not simple restores. The cloth in the rub move of cent, will feel the resistance, rub of cent will have rustling sound. On the polyester coated with a layer of silver glue, that is, we generally said the silver rubber umbrella, Gift Umbrellas silver blanket anti-ultraviolet function is good contrast, but the use of long after the folding of local silver glue simple detachment. On polyester coated with a layer of silver powder, that is, we generally said the pearly umbrella, Zhuguangbu color contrast beautiful, won the lady like, but the sun ultraviolet effect is not ideal.