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Beach Umbrellas The Production Process

Nov 06, 2017

What is the process of making umbrellas? As the saying goes, small, equipped. For a small umbrella, its production process is also quite cumbersome. In order to more refined production, as far as possible to do every link, most of the umbrella production is handmade. The following is a brief introduction to the production process of umbrellas:

Before making umbrellas, first choose the materials made from umbrellas, the fabric of the umbrella has polyester cloth, polyester silver tape, Zhuguangbu, touch cloth, nylon, transparent plastic, etc., Umbrella bone has iron bone, steel, aluminum alloy bone, contraction bone and so on. Size general 21 inches, 23 inches, 27 inch, 30 inch, etc. Custom of each batch of cloth to run cloth machine to check, to ensure that there is no yarn, breakage and so on.

The big cut is in the cloth table with the cloth machine to cut a roll of umbrella cloth into a strip of young shape, some manufacturers will directly let workers with the blade to complete. In order to prevent the umbrella cloth to go to the yarn, when the cloth block will immediately take to pick up the edge, with the pull machine, the umbrella cloth to be responsible for the small-cut master to proceed with the next step.

The so-called small cut is to do umbrella master to cut the shape of the long strip of umbrella cloth pieces of the process of the triangle, the cloth is used as an umbrella umbrella. Beach Umbrellas The workers first put the triangular wooden frame on the umbrella cloth, then cut it with a slice of the blade. This program is fully manual and does not use any machinery.

The brush printing method of the umbrella surface has silk screen printing, heat transfer printing, watermark, digital printing, etc. First of all, Beach Umbrellas using a net to create a web board, the mesh plate is fixed on a square-shaped wooden frame, then the paint is poured into the wooden frame, and finally the wooden frame is covered with a triangular umbrella cloth, and the oil sweep lightly sweeps a few, the pattern will be printed on the umbrella cloth.

One, according to the choice of the Sunshade umbrella in the market can be divided into two categories: one is a strong sunscreen and anti-ultraviolet function of the umbrella, Beach Umbrellas one is only to block the sun, Anti-ultraviolet is not very strong. The former is suitable for some people who do not want to be tanned, the latter do not like strong light, but do not want to block the sun, because some people feel that the Sun has a group of health, therefore, the purchase of beach umbrellas should be based on their own needs or hobbies to buy. Beach Umbrellas If you do not want to tan, you should try to choose a high UV reflectivity of the sun umbrella.

Second, attention to solar umbrella UV-reflective processing in general, the beach umbrellas with darker umbrellas are less likely to penetrate the sun's rays than the lighter ones, Beach Umbrellas but if you take some processing methods, such as silver glue, or use black tape, people can choose different styles of umbrellas according to their preferences. There is no need to confine some style of umbrellas.

Third, the choice is not easy to set the heat of the material generally with silk or hemp and other materials to make umbrellas more, Beach Umbrellas in addition, thick material and double-layer Sun Umbrella also has a good insulation effect, Beach Umbrellas more worthy of everyone to buy. In contrast, Beach Umbrellas chemical fiber and polyester fiber material made of the sun umbrella is not easy to dissipate heat, with such an umbrella to walk in the sun will feel exceptionally hot, buy the time should pay attention to Oh! Sun umbrella Use tips: An umbrella do not use more than three years of general Sunshade in the use of time, Beach Umbrellas the material will have a little bit of wear and tear, because of the sunscreen coating consumption will lead to sunscreen effect is getting worse.