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Beach Umbrellas Easy To Move

Nov 02, 2017

Beach umbrellas are mainly used for large parasols that prevent direct sunlight on the beach. The design of the beach umbrella is based on the umbrella of the garden. But with the simple promotion of lifestyle and the development of commercial and leisure industry, beach umbrella has been widely used in the beach, and beautiful shape, effective sun shade effect, cheap outdoor commercial advertising more conducive to his Continue to promote. Beach umbrella easy to move, easy disassembly, low cost, do notice LOGO and other advantages.

According to the shape, can be divided into side umbrella, the column umbrella. Also round and square two.

Side column introduction / beach umbrella

1, umbrella column unilateral independence, with 100% of the space utilization. To avoid the traditional parasols in use on the table to wear the trouble and embarrassment.

2, precision design of the transmission and pulley system, a person can easily distract and Shoulong, simple operation, convenient.

3, there is a strong wind resistance, diarrhea outlet to form an umbrella umbrella, beautiful and beautiful, and umbrella seat with enough to withstand the following winds 4-5 level.

4, the main body and seat separate design, without any tools can be easily separated or combined, moving and handling is very easy.

5, umbrella cloth can be easily removed, easy to clean

6, umbrella cloth specifications can accept custom: personalized umbrella cloth printing, advertising LOGO (such as: McDonald's, Starbucks, Xin Ningju)

7, strong and durable, anti-aging, easy to fade.

In the column umbrella introduction / beach umbrella

1, appearance

Designed from the nature of the tree, pillar support principle, exquisite double pulley system, a person can easily distract and Shoulong.

2, umbrella face

Umbrella cloth with the best shade polyester fabric, research shows that the umbrella thick fabric than the thin anti-ultraviolet performance, in general, cotton, silk, nylon, viscose and other fabric UV effect is poor, and polyester Good, polyester cloth with waterproof, sunscreen, no fade, anti-ultraviolet ability and other characteristics, umbrella cloth color, including dark green, red wine, white, water blue, dark blue, brown, orange, dark yellow, green and so on, and Umbrella face with a glossy color is more beautiful and lively. Umbrella can be screen printing company logo and logo, printing realistic and clear, never fade, is a good business outdoor advertising carrier.

3, umbrella umbrella stent

Umbrella skeleton structure using high-quality high-strength aluminum alloy to create, good stretch performance, strong wind resistance, hard not broken, or extrusion caused by deformation, electrostatic spray surface, withstand the wind and sun, not easily fade, affect the appearance The


If you want to clean the words, it is best to wash the umbrella with water. In fact, the best way is not to buy light-colored umbrellas, so do not have to spend the cattle effort. And I heard that dark umbrella anti-ultraviolet function is better than light umbrella! Wine red and dark green is a good choice.

Make a cleaning solution for the parasol. Cleaning solution as long as the white vinegar and detergent on it, it should be noted that must choose not to contain alkali detergent. And then prepare a one-time paper cups. The material is ready and the work starts. First, the detergent to play, the detergent into a one-time paper cups, detergent as long as no paper cup at the end of the child can. Followed by white vinegar, half a cup of white vinegar in the cup. Remember that half a cup, the rest of the rest of the water will be about 40 degrees to fill the warm water. Into the cup into the warm water about 40 degrees, warm water is served for the white vinegar and detergent, with the warm water they can fully integrate, the power can be stronger. Prepare a good detergent, we use a towel dipped in the washing liquid to clean the parasol on it. But also to remind everyone that the time to wipe along the umbrella frame longitudinal, and the direction to be consistent, not a long while wiping, one will cross rub. That would break the sunscreen of the parasol. In addition, we choose not to contain alkali detergent, but also because such a detergent can not only wash off the stain on the umbrella, it will not harm the umbrella sunscreen layer. White vinegar it, so that the umbrella fabric to maintain the original luster, plus to reconcile the detergent and white vinegar 40 degrees of warm water, the effect of decontamination is not to say. The umbrella of the surface are washed bowl, we have to use clean water.

Remember, be sure to wash thoroughly, or umbrella after drying, the surface will leave the traces of detergent, it is difficult to see. Then put the clean umbrella on the shade to dry on it. Compare, the effect is obvious This method can not only wash the umbrella, will not hurt the parasols, you may wish to try.